Conscious Grieving



Loved ones die, relationships end, and dreams are shattered. We can lose our friends, our health, our sense of community and connection. The more we understand ourselves as part of a global family, the more we can sense collective suffering and the need for collective healing. The human story is steeped in inevitable loss and with loss, comes the unavoidable pain of grief.

In Conscious Grieving: The Path of Awakening Through Loss, author Taraneh Erfan King speaks to all of us as she shares her personal journey with grief and the spiritual insights she has been guided by along the way. Her testimony is also enriched by stories of the grieving processes she has witnessed, including those of friends, clients and communities she has supported.

Her ultimate message: With a spiritual approach, the deep sorrow and pain of mourning can be transmuted into a great awakening of consciousness. Conscious grieving can lead us to a path of conscious living.

Conscious Grieving presents the reader with concepts as well as practical guidance on how to move through the grieving process on the way to freedom and healing. It also includes poems and prayers that the author was inspired to create throughout her journey – a journey that took her from a spiritual crisis born out of grief to a powerful awakening.

“I invite you to loosen your mind’s grip on what grieving is supposed to look like and feel like, and open yourself up to the process of your grieving becoming sacred ground for the birth or rebirth of the Self.”


Registered counsellor, leadership development professional, yoga teacher and art therapist, Taraneh Erfan King is known for her ability to hold space for silence and tears, calls people out on self-sabotaging behaviour and guiding them to a more supportive way of being. She is committed to supporting you in cultivating your ability to work, interact, connect and live mindfully – in response to life, rather than in reaction to it.


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Imprint: Mind on Spirit Press
On Sale: 04/09/2021
Pages: 168
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BISAC1: NON FICTION / Memoir / Grief
BISAC2: NON FICTION / Spirituality