Empower Your Worth: A Woman’s Guide to Increasing Self-Worth & Net Worth



Miami-based financial advisor Victoria Lowell has spent countless hours with women going through the worst times of their lives: women who are newly widowed or grieving an unexpected divorce; women who just found out the family business is bankrupt or perhaps need to start paying alimony to an unfaithful husband.

By sticking to the essentials, Lowell has written a book that is quick and easy to digest, a two-hour short read for women from all backgrounds that grants insight into how to achieve greater financial prosperity. We provide comprehensive guidance on where to focus your limited time and energy, no matter the situation, and keep you in control of your money. EMPOWERED WORTH™ strives to create a movement where women become an important part of the financial planning process, for themselves and their families. It more easily and effectively allows women to take a seat at the drafting board of their futures.


Vicky has also watched the perceived self-worth and confidence of numerous clients skyrocket, as they learn money management strategies to care for their families no matter the circumstances. Their success in personal finance leads to greater self-help and improvement, better health and stress, and the ability to take charge of their financial futures. Out of these experiences comes Empower Your Worth, a book that reads like a heart-to-heart chat over coffee with a compassionate friend who just happens to know everything you need to know about managing money.


ISBN-10: 1733241914
ISBN-13: 978-1733241915
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On Sale: 09/10/2020
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