Lions in the Grass: A Marketing Insider’s Guide to Mass Persuasion (and Why You Want the Sh!t You Want)



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You’re being manipulated. Every day, professional persuaders use emotion to sell their sh!t. Unfortunately, the emotion they’re using is yours.

Have you stopped buying a favorite brand with no idea why? Has your frustration with your phone peaked just as the new model became available? Has a once-loved outfit gone so suddenly out of style that it’s embarrassing? How you vote; where you shop; what you buy: these decisions are all influenced at a subconscious level by emotional manipulators, the lions in the grass–aka, people like me.

This book explains how persuaders enlist your subconscious to influence your decisions, using the dark arts of emotional manipulation, revealing what motivates our actions and why we choose one brand over its competitors, along with why we feel so good spending money in some retail environments yet can’t wait to escape others, or why one advertisement makes us hit “add to cart” while others make us press the escape button.

In today’s world of overwhelming attention demand, we all need to know how to use persuasion to be heard above the noise and survive. Along the way, I’ll uncover why some presentations bring the audience to their feet and others put it to sleep. I’ll explain why negative headlines draw us in while we don’t bother to read past positive ones. In ‘Lions’ you’ll find out why people in crowds feel, think and act so differently than when they’re alone—and how this is all based on evolution.

Lions in the Grass delivers all the insider tools and techniques of the professional persuaders. By the end, you’ll be fully capable of wielding them to achieve the results you want in every aspect of your business and personal life. Most importantly, you will learn how to create win-win situations almost effortlessly. You will be a true emotional revolutionary, equipped to use the tools of persuasion to create the world in which you want to live.


Bill Morrison is a writer and consultant in the field of emotional positioning and consumer behavior. He has spent the last 25 years uncovering the elements of influence and persuasion that impact human motivation and decision. After two decades of unprecedented success in condominium tower marketing, he now consults with corporations, brands, politicians and individuals on how to emotionally connect their audience with their offerings. He lives with his wife and two sons on the West Coast of Canada, plays hockey with the same team he’s been on for 30 years, and has a dog name Louie.


ISBN 10: 1777250307
Imprint: VanBurgh Publishing
On Sale: 10/16/2020
Pages: 266
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