The Soul Union: The Conclusion to The Soul Contract



In The Soul Union, Eli – the masculine energy in this particular twin flame bond – questions the connection between his cultural beliefs and his true self, providing the other half of the narrative behind his intensely passionate relationship with Malaika, the protagonist in The Soul Contract. Fearing the prospect of not being good enough and disappointing the people he cherishes, Eli creates a tug of war between the desires of his heart and the teachings of his mind. However, with the lessons that life and time often bring, Eli learns to relinquish his need to appease everyone and accept himself unconditionally – flaws and all. Upon reflecting on the pervasive pain in his past relationships with women, Eli learns that manifesting the love we desire requires becoming that love for ourselves. The Soul Union ends with these twins coming into union, imprinting a timeless message on the reader: everything we desire exists on the other side of fear, liberated from the forces that we carry, create, and demonstrate in our everyday lives.


Ana’s debut book, The Soul Contract is told from a female’s perspective. In this sequel – The Soul Union, the story is told from the male counterpart. Together, these stories create a heightened meaning to the phrase, “soul mate.”


ISBN-10: 177515372X
ISBN-13: 978-1775153726
Imprint: The Anico Company
On Sale: 04/21/2019
Pages: 102
List Price: 18.27 CAD
BISAC1: FICTION / Contemporary Romance