Bookstore & Media Approach Strategy Session

Bookstore & Media Approach Strategy Session


What this session entails:

  • 1-hour video-conference strategy session
  • Specific recommendations on next steps for you and your title
  • Email drafted for your title on how to approach media and bookstores.


+ 5% (GST)



There is a common misconception that self-published authors don’t get into bookstores. This may be true for some authors, but not ours. We have spent years working with bookstores and media to stay up-to-date on how they decide what book titles and authors to work with. Ass a result, we don’t just have suggestions, we have strategies. And they work.

During our strategy session, we make sure you walk away with a plan on how to get media to talk about your book and understanding what you need to do to get your book into bookstores!

The Bookstore and Media Strategy is a great option for:

  • Self-published authors looking to get media attention for their book
  • Authors who want to know how to get their self-published book into bookstores
  • Self-published authors who want to know how to approach social media influencers and get media coverage for self-published books