The 50-Page Memoir

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What is The 50-Page Memoir?


The 50-Page Memoir is designed to capture life’s most memorable stories. Whether you want to record your parent’s captivating life or ensure your stories are remembered forever, our team of writers will document your story that will leave footprints in lives for generations to come.

How does it work?

Our ghostwriters spend 6-10 (non-consecutive) hours with your storyteller, listening, learning, and recording stories from their life. Following the interview stage, the ghostwriter spends 10-15 hours comprising their stories into a succinct memoir.

Once drafted and edited, storytellers and their family are provided with a professionally designed print book, e-book and PDF to share and enjoy.

The 50-Page Memoir includes:

    • 5 professionally designed print books
    • 1 ebook (compatible with iBooks)
    • 6-10 hours of interview time with the ghostwriter
    • 10-15 hours of writing, editing and proofreading
    • 2 rounds of revisions after proofread
    • Up to 10 images (provided by the storyteller)
    • 1 round of revisions after final designed copy
    • Full copyright and publication rights

Price $5,000CAD

Contact us to learn how we can write your memoir.

**We believe it is equally important to understand what content to keep in a memoir, as it is to know what content to leave out. Therefore, memoirs will vary in length depending on the story and design elements.