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Even for Bernadette Laxamana, a successful mortgage broker, business owner, and full-time supermom, mastering the art of self-love took time and practice. Her bestselling book, The Five Pillars of Love presents her strategy for embracing love as one’s natural state.

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Raw and edgy, Jon’s first poetry book, brings his unique story of suffering and restoration in a style everyone can relate to. The poems are heart-wrenching and bring the reader on a colourful journey of self-discovery and restoration.

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Poetry and prose by an inspired Edmonton-based runner who found healing and happiness in the wilderness. “Where wildness meets wonder, sensuality meets soul, and words tumble like a waterfall into inspiration.”

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This book is for every Millennial feeling shortchanged by the Tinder Age should read. Written with humour, honesty, and piercing wisdom, it chronicles the author’s real-life journey from emotionally abusive relationships to enlightened self-respect.

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If you liked “Go the F*ck to Sleep” this debut book by Tage Lee has one goal: to make parents laugh amidst the wild journey of raising tiny humans.

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The internet’s favourite dating coach, Nikki Novo launched The Final Swipe on September 30, 2018. She can now proudly add “Bestselling Author” to her long list of accomplishments.

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Bestselling Author, Linda Hollyer’s Letters to my Daughters – Business Advice for Entrepreneurs soared to the #1 spot on Amazon just six hours after it was released.

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Written by Julie Flynn, Finn and the Magic Backpack, is a charming fairy tale that based on Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains. It also doubles as a survival guide for hiking!

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Written by Pippa Henrichsen, The Adventures of Richard & Robert and the REALLY BIG, REALLY HAIRY, REALLY SCARY Black Bear, launched May 17, 2018.

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Written by Janet Reynolds and Megan Edwards (aka “The Und8ables”), Girl, It’s Not You (it’s definitely him), launched May 7, 2018 and has garnered media attention nationwide.

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Written by Priscilla Stanbury, Warriors and Heroes of a Different Kind launched May 14, 2018. It became an overnight Amazon Bestseller and sits in Amazon’s Top 100 books for Health, Fitness & Dieting category.

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Written by Natasha Jeshani, launched April. 30, 2018, The HR Insider – is an Amazon bestseller that explains how to land your dream job and keep it.

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Written by Irene Strong, launched April. 21, 2018, Own Your Piece of the Earth – is everything you need to know about mortgages in Canada’s major housing markets.

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Written by Inga Chira, Ph.D., CFP, launched December. 7, 2017, Mastering Money is an easy read on personal finances and getting the most out of your money life.

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Jordan And All The Favourites

Emily Goldsmith’s debut children’s book, Jordan And All the Favourites launched September 30, 2017 at Chapters Metrotown.

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Newport Jane

Kaite Bieksa’s debut novel, Newport Jane, launched June 24, 2017 at Indigo Granville.
It has sold thousands of copies across North America.

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Our Interrupted Fairy Tale

Megan Williams’ debut book, Our Interrupted Fairy Tale was launched February 11, 2014. It has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

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Don't Call The Office

Don’t Call The Office is co-authored by Madison Reaveley and her stepmom, Megan Williams. It launched August 26, 2016, at Chapters Metrotown.

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