TSPA Launches The Canadian Book Club Awards!

TSPA Launches The Canadian Book Club Awards!

What are The Canadian Book Club Awards and why are they special? 

We’re not looking for the next Pulitzer Prize contender or stories you need a PhD in Classical Studies to understand.

We’re looking for great books that are worthy of telling our friends about. We’re looking for thought-provoking stories that prompt insightful conversations. We’re looking for poetry that makes us feel the rhythm in its words, business/self-help books that can guide us and, children’s books that our kids ask for before falling asleep.

Give us what readers want. A damn good book.

What we’re most excited about with this Canadian-based book award is that it benefits both readers AND writers. 

How does it benefit readers?
The Canadian Book Club Awards are the ultimate readers-choice awards for authors AND readers. Book clubs from across the country vote for the best books in their chosen genre. Candian book clubs can sign up to judge the final three book here (and receive free digital copies in exchange for their support!)

What genre’s can win awards?

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Business/Self-Help
  • Poetry
  • Children’s/Kids

Who is eligible? 

  • This award is for self-published, traditionally published and hybrid-published books. Everyone is welcome.
  • You do not have to be Canadian to enter (the judges are Canadian, that’s all!)
  • Books must be in English
  • The book must be published within the last six years
  • Authors must have the copyright to their book
  • Books must be published and available for purchase in physical form (ebook-only publications are not eligible)

What do the finalists and winners get?
In addition to becoming an Award Winning Author, The Canadian Book Club Awards have decided on an award package that will increase the marketing of your book and author brand. The list is long.

How do I submit my book club to help judge the finalists? Click here! 

Need a bit more information? Click here! 
Ready to submit? Here is the link!

Submissions deadline: September 14, 2018.

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