What We Do

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The Self Publishing Agency connects writers with the right editors, designers, illustrators, printers, bookstores, and media to ensure their book reaches its full potential.

We’ve done the Google searches, researched the pros and cons of self-publishing, and learned from the mistakes first-time authors make. And we’ve sold thousands of books.

We build the team around you to give your book the best shot possible at becoming a bestseller.

The Agency Work

Coaching & Packages

Whether you have started your story or have no idea where to start, The Self Publishing Agency works with aspiring authors during all stages of their writing process.

Need a writing coach who can help you storyboard your story? We can help with that. Want to know next steps for your completed manuscript? You’ve come to the right place.

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We are the first Candian self-publishing agency to offer audiobooks for indie authors.
What makes this different than other audiobook studios? We work WITH self-published authors to record and produce their own audiobooks!

The Self Publishing Agency launched the audiobook program as a way for audiobooks to be accessible for all self-published authors.

It’s important to us that stories get told the way that their authors want them told– where the audiobook cost experience is transparent and affordable the whole time.

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Throughout the year, The Self Publishing Agency hosts a variety of workshops for aspiring authors. Get insider discount codes to our workshops by signing up for The Self Publishing Agency’s email updates.

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Book Launches & Media

If you want a line-up of readers waiting for you at your first book signing, have media talking about your story and bloggers buzzing about the latest read, you need a book launch and media strategy.

We’re not talking about a PDF checklist of what you need to know before a launch. We’re talking about a plan and meetings, tailored for you and your story. A strategy that will have readers and fans picking up your book for months after launch. A great book deserves a great launch, and we can help make that happen for you.

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