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Whether you want to spend an hour with a publishing professional to flush out your questions, or work with a team to professionally publish your book, we have plans that everyone and every budget can benefit from. 

Coaching &
Project Management

Whether you have started your story or have no idea where to start, our coaches help your story reach it’s highest potential and our project managers ensure your project stays on track to get you from writer to published author.

A-La-Carte Services

Need help with Amazon KDP or a strategy to get into bookstores? Our a-la-carte publishing services are designed to give you the support you want when you need it. 

The 50 page memoir

The 50-Page Memoir

The 50-Page Memoir is designed to capture life’s most memorable stories. You tell your story, our ghostwriters write your memoir. Professionally designed and printed to be enjoyed by generations to come.

TSPA Authors in the Media:


Megan Williams has built the best team, and I’ve enjoyed working with all of the team members.
I’m so thankful to have had them on this journey. I would not be where I am today in the publishing process without them!

Ashley Berry, Your Content Goes Here

I would recommend The Professional Publishing Course as well as The Self Publishing Agency. Personally, this program has helped me gain the support of a team to take the first steps in publishing and sharing my memoir.

Cynthia B, Your Content Goes Here

… this impeccable team helped me in every way so that my book could come to life in exactly the way in which I hoped it would.

Taraneh Erfan King, Your Content Goes Here

“Being a first-time author I was able to get great tips tailored to me on how to get myself organized and how to write through my topics. I felt like I gained a friend that was there to walk me through each step of just simply finishing my manuscript.”

- Nandi Smith

“After many failed attempts to get something off the ground, I finally found the right people at TSPA. They have given me the best resources, connected me with the right people and given me the best direction ever…”

- Amy Wurzbach

“I could not have done it without the guidance of this amazing team. It’s now an Amazon international bestseller and the Spanish version has been on various category list for now almost two months. Thank you for Empowering me to help empower others.”

- Victoria Lowell

“I did a one-hour consultation and found it quite informative. Megan is well versed in the many facets of publishing and I left the meeting with $ saving information that exceeded the cost of the consultation. I have no hesitation in recommending TSPA’s services.”

- Randy Purcell

“I feel like I can spend my money and time more wisely now. Super helpful, and great value. Highly recommend The Self Publishing Agency.”

- Sandra Nomoto

“The Self Publishing Agency not only produced a beautiful book for me, but was knowledgeable in all aspects of dealing with the Amazon/KDP hurdles to production. I am looking forward to working with them again.”

- Charles Roe

“Working with The Self Publishing Agency has been the best decision I’ve ever made. In less than a year I have written my book and had it published. I highly recommend it.”

- Julie Flynn

“I was left feeling confident and purposeful about my manuscript, and can’t wait to make the book a reality!”

- Gloria Eid

“The Self Publishing Agency was incredibly professional and very patient, and always ready to help with all of my questions. They were all hands on deck, and the end product was more than I could have imagined.”

- Janine Tamis

“I received tremendous support and encouragement from this agency from my first contact to the finished product and beyond. I am extremely grateful to them and more than anything I was appreciative of their expertise along the way.”

- Priscilla Stanbury

“By the time I discovered TSPA, I have to be honest, I was completely depleted both emotionally and financially. It seemed too good to be true that I’d find someone who could help me navigate being a self-publishing author at a reasonable rate and stress-free. But it was just that easy.”

- Ola Morin-Muhammed

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If you’re looking for one of Canada’s best self-publishing support services, you’ve come to the right place! We work with independent authors from across Canada, the US – and as far-reaching as Dubai to help publish books, win book awards and become bestselling authors.

To decide if we’re the right agency to make your publishing dream a reality, get in touch and schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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