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Build Your Book Publishing Team

Self-Publishing Support for Real Writers.

We’re a Canadian-based self publishing company that helps writers publish their books. Our team is motivated by our author’s success. Therefore, if you’re looking for a book editor or designer, or need help marketing your book to sell more copies, we’re the agency that makes your book publishing dreams a successful reality.

The Self Publishing Agency loves storytellers. If you’re a writer who wants to become an author, we’re the agency to turn your story into a book that will inspire and enrich the lives of its readers.

Think of us like wedding planners for self-publishing authors. Like a wedding planner is for the engaged, where brides and grooms are connected with photographers, venues, pricing etc., The Self Publishing Agency helps authors do the same – connecting writers with vetted professional book designers, editors and marketers to ensure your self-published book reaches its full potential.

We understand that each story and writer require different levels of support when self-publishing their book. This is why our model is structured for authors to pay for what they need. Your story is unique; therefore, your book’s publishing team and strategies should be tailored to fit your needs. Our team ensures you maintain control of your work with a published book that will impact, entertain and sell!

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