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The Self Publishing Agency loves storytellers. If you’re a writer who wants to become an author, we’re the agency to turn your story into a book and help share it with the world.

Think of us like wedding planners for indie authors. Like a wedding planner is for the engaged, where brides and grooms are connected with photographers, venues, pricing etc., The Self Publishing Agency helps our authors do the same – connecting writers with vetted professional book designers, editors and marketers to ensure your book becomes the best version of itself.

We understand that each story and writer requires different levels of support when publishing their book. This is why our model is structured for authors to pay for what they need. Your story is unique; therefore, your book’s team and strategies should be tailored to fit your needs. This will ensure you can maintain control of your work while you publish a book that will impact, entertain and sell!

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Why Choose Us?

Build your own dream team. We believe it’s important for authors to build a team they can connect with. We have a hand-selected, list of professional editors and experienced designers for writers to chose from.

You get what you pay for. We have set up our publishing agency so writers only pay for what they use. We want all authors to get value no matter what their budget or circumstance. (Ex. If you want to illustrate your children’s book, why would you have to pay for an illustrator?)

Real Humans. Real Answers. Sure, some publishing services have efficient automated systems. But that’s not us. We LIKE talking to our clients on the phone. Our Project Managers LOVE to send personalized reminders that a deadline is coming up. Our designers and editors THRIVE when they make your book become the best version of itself. Our team is MOTIVATED by your success. All of the feelings we get when your book goes from page to bookshelf – we can’t get that from a computer, we get that from human connection.

Our authors get into bookstores. Remember that age-old fable that indie-authors can’t get into big bookstores and retailers? While that might be true for some, we work with authors on individual strategies to get your book in the game, on the shelf and playing in the big league.

We stay involved after your book has launched. Full transparency – book sales and marketing your work is hard. It’s risky, it’s personalized work and takes more than a “Here’s how you set up your social media” PDF to do it well. Therefore, we understand why some publishing support services bow out after a book is uploaded and printed. We’re not judging. However, The Self Publishing Agency stays with our clients for the entire self-publishing process.

After all, for our self-publishing authors, your book’s post-launch planning is when the financial opportunity starts to happen for you.  This is where The Self Publishing Agency provides a 360-degree experience to help your memoir, poetry collection, fiction book, cookbook, or children’s book to create forward-thinking strategies to keep the story alive and relevant to readers.

Ready to build your dream team? We’re ready! 

How The Self Publishing Agency supports our soon-to-be authors:

Aspiring Writers:

  • How to write a book
  • How to storyboard a memoir, fiction, or children’s book
  • How to finish your manuscript
  • How to make a plot outline and write with direction
  • How to build your brand as an author

Aspiring authors with completed manuscripts:

  • Find an editor for your manuscript
  • Find an illustrator for your children’s book
  • Find a designer for your book cover
  • Find the right printing and publishing platform for your book

Authors ready to launch their book:

  • Best ways to get pre-sales for your book
  • Best ways to launch your book
  • Best ways to get media attention for your book
  • Best ways to keep selling books after your launch
  • Best ways to be recognized as an author