Tell your stories and share your brand with impactful imagery and content-driven designs. Look books, coffee table books, or cookbooks are an important way for customers and clients to connect with your brand on a tangible level. It is a way for people to unplug, yet feel connected to the businesses they admire.

A book is a commitment to your content, adding an entirely new experience and texture to your business and can act as a centre-piece in a home, a source of inspiration for customers, and connect individuals to a brand through a medium other than digital.

Whether you are big business, like Holt Renfrew, looking to showcase your fall-line, or a chef looking to publish your own cookbook, The Self Publishing Agency can help you achieve a professional book, without compromising on content or quality.

Our coffee table books (or look books, or cookbooks!) are tailored to you and your images, while we work WITH you on the creative to deliver the message and style you want.

Package 1: $1320

20-40 pages
up to 40 images
up to 800 words
Standard sizes: 6.25×8.25 in

Package 2: $3850

40-60 pages
up to 80 images
up to 2,500 words
Standard sizes: 7×9.5in, 8.25×11 in

Package 3: $7150

60-100 pages
up to 120 images
up to 8,000 words
Standard sizes: 9x10in, 11.75×11.75in

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