Launch Plan

Launch Plan


This plan entails:

  • 1-2 hours working on book launch marketing strategies for your book
  • Bookstore & Media Approach Strategy
  • Amazon KDP Bestseller Strategy


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The Launch Support plan is a great option for self-published authors who:

  • Have finished their manuscript and need help finding an editor and designer
  • Have finished their manuscript and want help uploading their book to Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Want to work with a team to help them market their book
  • Need a book marketing plan to help them get into retail stores and libraries
  • Want to know how the best way to launch their self-published book
  • Want to market their self-published book after it has launched
  • Want to get their self-published books into bookstores
  • Want to know how to become an Amazon Bestselling Author

Spend one hour with our agent strategizing what your book-launch vision is and discovering what works for your book, genre, time of year and the ‘checklist’ you need to consider.

Following that, our Online Author Specialist spends up to four hours working with you and on Amazon to find the “sweet spots” and creates a strategy and plan for individual authors and their books. Our strategy has landed our authors on Top 100 lists, #1 spots and category home pages – providing a game-changing opportunity for our clients to market themselves as the true, Bestselling Authors they are.

The Amazon KDP Bestseller Digital Strategy is for the soon-to-be author who:

  • Want to legitimately add ‘Bestselling Author’ to their resume
  • Don’t want to drop the price of their book when it’s launched
  • Is looking for a book marketing strategy on Amazon, GoodReads and Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Wants to learn how GoodReads and Amazon reviews can increase your book sales
  • Wants a customized approach for your self-published book (not just a PDF “customized” with your name that we’ve seen some self-publishing services use)

The Launch Plan also includes TSPA’s Bookstore & Media Approach Strategy.