If you are ready to publish your book, but not sure what the best option for printing your self-published book is, this quick video will show you the quality difference between print-on-demand (POD) printing, and trade (“offset”) printers.

See the colour difference between a professionally printed children’s book and a print-on-demand children’s book? We’ve done the printing comparisons so you don’t have to.

And for the record:

– No, you do NOT need to order 1,000 books from offshore printers to make trade/offset book printing affordable – Yes, you can still have trade printed books, AND have your book available on Amazon

– Yes, if you print over 100 print copies, The Self Publishing Agency’s book printing agent can match, or beat Amazon’s KDP, print-on-demand pricing.

If you’ve worked hard to get your book up to professional publishing standards, let’s make sure the print quality of your book matches its contents.

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