IngramSpark Account Setup, Upload & Strategy

IngramSpark Account Setup, Upload & Strategy


What this service entails:

  • Set up of your IngramSpark account
  • Upload of files to your IngramSpark account (and what options to chose if you already have a title available on Amazon)
  • 4-5 hours of research and strategy by our digital specialist and agent
  • One-on-One meeting with our Amazon & IngramSpark Specialist to walk through your account after set up
  • Full control of your IngramSpark account
  • Royalties are directly deposited into your account


+ 5% GST



Our Digital Specialist sets up, upload and strategizes how to best optimize IngramSpark’s access to over 40,000 retailers, bookstores, online stores, libraries and universities.  Whether this is used in conjunction with an Amazon KDP account, or instead of, this is the most seamless way to have your book available, everywhere.

The IngramSpark Setup & Strategy is for authors who:

  • Want their books available for purchase across more than just one platform
  • Have their books available to be ordered by bookstores, retailers, libraries and universities worldwide
  • Want additional print on demand options (ie: not just Amazon)
  • Interested in using both Amazon and IngramSpark platforms to maximize accessibility
  • Want royalties deposited directly into their account
  • Have a one-on-one meeting with our Amazon and Ingram Specialist to walk through their account after it’s been set up and show them how to use it
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