The Self Publishing Plan: Professional publishing for first-time authors

The Self Publishing Plan: Professional publishing for first-time authors


Here’s what soon-to-be-authors are getting: 

Live: October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
80-minute per session. 11:00-12:20 PST

What you’ll have by the end of October: 
A publishing plan, detailed project layout, and a cleared path towards how to manage and market your project from computer document to a professionally published book.  Just think…by Spring 2021, you could be a published author!

How we’re breaking this down into manageable & realistic pieces:

1. Publishing Opportunities/ Industry update:
– Trade vs. Indie – industry update and how the two are colliding
– How COVID is impacting both sides of the industry and what that means for indie authors who will be selling and marketing their titles in the coming year

(TSPA plan equivalent: Power Hour = $99) 

2. Building your publishing team
– Evaluating who you need & what you need to ask designers, editors, and printers
– Determining budget & the services you don’t need to pay for
– What your team needs to be aware of & how to organize your publishing timeline
– Sales and launch plans that will help inform your team’s timelines

(TSPA plan equivalent: Power Hour = $99) 

3. Book Printing & Publishing
– Options available to indie authors: trade-printing vs. print-on-demand
– Pricing your book & how to increase your profit margins
– How to set up pre-orders & get paid before launch your book
– Publishing your book on Amazon & how to make additional money from Amazon

(TSPA plan equivalent: Launch Plan = $699)

4. Distribution Plans: Retailers, Bookstores, & Media. 
– How to get your book where you want it: Email templates & proven strategies to ensure retailers respond favorably

(TSPA plan equivalent: Bookstore + Media Approach Strategy = $229) 

5. Author Branding
– If you were to get on stage, with a mic in hand, what story would you tell?
– How to talk about your book in a way that feels comfortable for you, your life, and your audiences
– Co-Host: Personal & Professional Brand Specialist, Anna Mullens

(TSPA plan equivalent: Author Branding = $250)

Career Investment:
Equivalent Value of TSPA Services: $1,376 CAD (1045 USD*)
The Self Publishing Plan: $699 CAD + gst (531 USD*) 

*Based on today’s exchange rate. 

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The Self Publishing Plan is a proven, successful course for anyone who:

  • Has thought about one day publishing a book but doesn’t know where to start
  • Wants to be told what they need to do to publish a book (ie. No more hours researching on Google!)
  • Wants all of the information from our other publishing services but is working with a conservative budget
  • Can manage the publication process themselves, but wants to be told how to do it
  • Wants to author a professional-looking book (ie. Doesn’t compromise on quality)
  • Needs creative and strategic ideas on how to market their book and brand themselves as an author
  • Has a manuscript and needs help finding an editor and designer
  • Is ready to add PUBLISHED AUTHOR to their life’s resume.


This course will be done LIVE with our professional publishing team, starting October 1, 2020.

5 consecutive weeks | 80-minutes per session | Via Zoom


Note: this is the only time this course will be taught live by our publishing team. As of January 2021, this course will be recorded.