Elsa Martin has made a career helping people take a fresh look at their foods and health. So, when she decided to add a cookbook to her kitchen of tools, we were so pleased to help make this dream a reality for her. Congratulations Elsa! 

1. How would you describe yourself in 3-5 sentences?

I am a lifestyle/wellness coach with a passion to see others achieve the freedom and health that they desire.

2. There are so many cookbooks out there, were you ever nervous about writing your own?

I so clearly remember the day I walked through a huge book store and saw literally hundreds of recipe books by famous people on the shelves.  I cried and asked myself “What do you think you are doing”.  Yes, nervous indeed!  But then I reminded myself that we each have our own story to tell and that my book is different than all the rest.

3. What part of writing your book did you have the most fun with?

I had the most fun working with the food photographer, seeing the recipes come to life in beautiful pictures that so many people would enjoy.

4. If you could go back a year when you were in the middle of writing your book, what advice would you give yourself?

Just keep going.  This is a very steep learning curve, but don’t quit, take the time to make this book the very best that it can be!

5. If someone reading this could help you, support you, or connect you with someone, who/what would it be? 

I would love to connect with an influencer that is looking for delicious healthy recipes to promote to their audience.