It’s book launch season!

Book launch season doesn’t come without stress, last-minute changes, or holding your breath until you hold your books – BUT the feeling of accomplishment and pride is contagious, causing us all to buzz with excitement.
Here are seven TSPA authors launching in the next six weeks to pay attention to and follow for their release dates!


Bernadette Laxamana | @bernadette_laxamana
INK (I Now Know) Over 45 Years of Wisdom from a Businesswoman, Wife & Mom  (Non-Fiction)

This will be Bernadette’s second book launch in two months! Her first book, 5 Pillars of Love for Self, Life & Others climbed Amazon’s bestseller list after launching in March.
Release Month: April

Ana Warner | @anico28
The Soul Union – The Conclusion to The Soul Contract (Fiction)

Ana’s debut book, The Soul Contract is told from a female’s perspective. In this sequel – The Soul Union, the story is told from the male counterpart. Together, these stories create a heightened meaning to the phrase, “soul mate.”
Release Month: April

Mary Hodder Ross | @MaryRossWrites
An Unnatural Choice (Memoir)

“It was the one thing I would never tell anyone. But over the years that followed, I came to understand that the only way to reclaim my life was to share my story–a story of love, loss, pain and ultimate redemption.”
Release Month: May

Rania Esper | @RaniaEsper
Beneath This Skye (YA Novel)

This is TSPA’s first Young Adult Novel! Working with Rania has been a breeze – despite working through Amazon’s print snags, and getting books to Dubai – we’ve loved working with her on this long-distance relationship.
Release Month: May

Abdou Fell 
Title TBD (Non-Fiction)

30, from Senegal, with two masters degrees in economics, Abdou’s book shares why he believes women are the ones who will change the world.

Release Month: May

Charles L. Roe  
The Place Your Heart Calls Home (Fiction)

A sparkling collection of stories written from his Lexington home. Charles paints vivid portraits of the rich, rugged landscape and strong, spirited inhabitants of Eastern Kentucky and the Bluegrass region.
Release Month: May

Anya Wyers | @AnyaWyersAuthor
Letters To The Mountain (Memoir)

As we learn about Anya’s life and accomplishments as told in her written words to Rachael, we are brought to wonder why it is that Anya is writing letters to Rachael. Where has she gone? What has happened to inspire Anya to write these letters?
Release Month: May