If it was up to us, Emma Hayes would read us story after story with her charismatic, southern accent. But, since this interview isn’t in audio, we hope you take a peak at her Instagram after reading this to get an idea of what this uncertain writer turned power house author is really like – and how easy it is to like her. 

1. How would you describe yourself in 2-3 sentences?

I’m a dog mom (hi, Elvis!), meditator, plant-based enthusiast, and your friend. I believe in the power of positivity and kindness, and strive to bring compassion, awareness, and understanding of the world around me. And I am hella passionate about self-care and unconditional self-love.

2. Do you have a book title? When can we anticipate being able to buy your book?

Yes! Begin Within: A Memoir of Self-Destructive Dating and Self-Discovering Divinity. My book launched October 28, 2018!

3. What made you finally sit down to write your book?

I actually started writing it without the intention of publishing it! I had been carrying around a lot of emotional weight from my previous relationships and I knew how cathartic writing is for me so I really just wanted to get everything I was feeling out of my body. After I started writing in May 2017, I serendipitously came across The Self Publishing Agency. That was my sign that I had to share this story with the world.

4. Have you ever felt discouraged about your writing? Why?

I would say I was more nervous than discouraged. As someone who has ever only written recreationally, I did feel anxiety simply because this was new territory for me. I felt like I was wearing a blindfold and moving forward without much outside direction. But that just made me listen to my intuition’s guidance more than I would have. Once I tuned into my inner voice, the self-consciousness dissipated and my writing unfolded with ease. Trusting my story really helped me step into the power of my voice.

5. What are you looking forward to most about adding “published author” to your resume?

Eek! I still can’t believe I’m going to be a published author! I am looking forward to being established as a published author because it’s my way of stepping into fulfilling my divine purpose. But I’m more excited about why it’s there.

I dropped out of college and honestly never thought I was worthy of such an accomplishment simply because of my lack of a diploma. Becoming a published author was just me proving to myself that I’m worthy of my dreams. That’s what has been, and will continue to be, the most inspiring part.

6. If someone reading this could help you, support you, or connect you with someone, who/what would it be?

I would love for anyone reading this to buy a copy of my book! And if my message resonates with you, I would love to mutually support each other through my work as a meditation teacher and self-empowerment coach. Aside from that, as I continue writing I’d love to connect with someone who turns books into movies. I think that would be pretty damn cool.

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