We like to keep our introductions short – so here is what is important about insta-famous author, Jon Lupin (aka – ThePoetryBandit). When you have coffee with him, by the third minute, you feel you’ve been friends for three years. He is laid back, both in conversation and in posture – and while he likes listening to what you have to say, today, it’s our turn to listen.

1. How would you describe yourself in two sentences?
I am an alcoholic with three years of sobriety and write about my journey through sobriety while living with OCD. I am a father of three and husband to a beautiful woman and writer, Rose.

2. What was your first jump-for-joy moment since you published your book first book, My Sober Little Moon?
Seeing that second edition of My Sober Little Moon in bookstores made me tingle with excitement. It was something else. Then, seeing it reviewed by CBC Books and voted into the top 100 authors to watch in Canada, that was pretty special too.

3. Have you ever felt discouraged about your writing? Why?
It discourages me when I’m writing about sobriety or mental health and it doesn’t reach the people who need to read it. I blame social media algorithms for promoting the wrong kind of thing to people. We need to help save people from destructive things, not encourage it.

4. Has there been an opportunity that has come your way since becoming an author that you never anticipated? 

I was offered a traditional publishing opportunity from MacMillan/St. Martins Press because of my self-published book, My Sober Little Moon. I believe it was the unique message I write about that helped them to choose me out of hundreds of poets on social media to do a pilot poetry book with. My new book is called, You Only Love Me When I’m Suffering

5. If someone reading this could help you, support you, or connect you with someone, who or what would it be?
If someone reading this could help connect me with the national media so I can share my story of restoration from addiction and find solace in my mental health diagnosis, that would be amazing. I would love for people to use writing as a tool to help find themselves when they feel lost.

Jon’s book, My Sober Little Moon is available for purchase here. 
You can find Jon on Instagram at @The_PoetryBandit and on Facebook.com/ThePoetryBandit