Added Services

I offer several added services that compliment the three plans. They can be ordered separately at anytime if required.

  • Thank you for your submission to the Canadian Book Club Awards! Just by entering, you are increasing your title's chances to be recognized, increase your exposure as an author, and for great books to be shared. This is your final step to confirm your entry! (If you prefer to e-transfer, you can email your submission payment to
  • The Self Publishing Agency's Online Author Specialist finds Amazon "sweet spots" and creates a strategy and plan for individual authors and their books. Our strategy has landed our authors on Top 100 lists, #1 spots and category home pages - providing a game-changing opportunity for our clients to market themselves as the true, Bestselling Authors they are. The Amazon KDP Bestseller Digital Strategy is for the soon-to-be author who:
    • Wants to add 'Bestselling Author' to their resume
    • Doesn't want to "trick the system" but be a legitimate Amazon Bestseller
    • Is looking for a book marketing strategy on Amazon, GoodReads and Kindle Direct Publishing
    • Interested in how GoodReads and Amazon reviews can increase your book sales
    • Are looking for a customized approach for your self-published book (not just a PDF "customized" with your name that we've seen some self-publishing services use)
    _____ Price $499.00 CAD + 5% (GST) + 3.9% (processing fee)
  • For self-published authors, understanding how to sell your book is equally as important as knowing how to write a book! Having a book launch and marketing strategy for your book can be the difference between getting coverage and getting into bookstores...or not. During this strategy session, we'll make sure you walk away with a plan on how to get media to talk about your book and understanding what you need to do to get your book into bookstores! The Bookstore and Media Strategy is a great option for:
    • Self-published authors looking to get media attention for their book
    • Authors who want to know how to get their self-published book into bookstores
    • Self-published authors who want to know how to approach social media influencers and get media coverage for self-published books
    _____ $149.00 + 5% (GST) + 3.5% (processing fee)
  • We are constantly updating our media lists and bookstore contacts in BC to ensure we have the right person to contact for authors who want to get media attention for their self-published book. The Bookstore and Media List Add-On is a great option for:
    • Self-Published authors who live in Vancouver, BC
    • Canadian self-published authors who are looking to get their books into local bookstores
    • Writers who are looking for book marketing and self-publishing help in Vancouver
    • Authors who have self-published in Canada and are looking for media contacts to review their book
    _____ $599.00 + 5% (GST) + 3.5% (processing fee)
  • Planning on being in bookstores and selling your book in more than one bookstore? Don't leave money on the table with our exclusive platform designed for successful self-published authors. The Self Publishing Agency's custom, easy-to-use tracking system is designed specifically for self-published authors who want to keep track of their book's sales, inventory in multiple book stores, book donations and invoicing. _____ $249.99 +5% (GST) +3.4% (processing fee)
  • Not sure how to get a free ISBN that gives you all the publishing rights and print flexibility? What about the barcode? We can help! This ISBN Creation package is great for soon-to-be-authors who:
    • Don't have time to learn how to set up their free ISBN number in Canada
    • Have someone set up your self-published book's ISBN for you
    • Want to maintain the copyright for your self-published book
    • Want to print their books anywhere they want (not just on Amazon)
    _____ $149.00 + 5% (GST) + 3.9% (processing fee)
  • The Kindle Direct Publishing Account Setup plan is best for writers who:
    • Don't have the time to figure out how to upload their book to Amazon
    • Aren't tech savvy and need help setting up their Kindle Direct Publishing Account
    • Want to know the difference between CreateSpace and KDP
    • Want to become an Amazon Bestseller in the process!
    _____ $449.00 + 5% (GST) + 3.9% (processing fee)
  • The Launch Support plan is a great option for self-published authors who:
    • Have finished their manuscript and need help finding an editor and designer
    • Have finished their manuscript and want help uploading their book to Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing
    • Want to work with a team to help them market their book
    • Need a book marketing plan to help them get into retail stores and libraries
    • Want to know how the best way to launch their self-published book
    • Are interested in how to market their self-published book after it has launched
    • Want to get their self-published books into bookstores
    • Want to know how to become an Amazon Bestselling Author
    This plan includes either the Bookstore & Media Approach Strategy or the Amazon Bestseller Strategy _____ $599.00 +5% (GST) +3.5% (processing fee)
  • If you are self-publishing in Canada and want to know how to get your book into libraries, our team can help! The Self Publishing Agency will help Canadian self-published writers get into the Canadian National Lending Program. How do self-published authors earn passive income? This is it! _____ $199.00 + 5% (GST) + 3.9% (Processing fee)
  • Learn how to promote yourself and your work through social media platforms, news agencies, bloggers, radio and TV.
  • Don't have a background in media relations? No problem. We do! We'll craft two professional releases specific for you and your book. The Press Release add-on is a perfect option for:
    • Self-published authors looking to get media attention for their book
    • Authors who want to know how to get into bookstores
    • Self-published authors who want to know how to approach social media influencers and get media coverage for self-published books
    _____ $249.00 + 5% (GST) + 3.5% (processing fee)
  • Want hardcover books? Want to order in bulk? Our print agents will source out printers that can beat or match print-on-demand prices while having books the same quality as a trade-publisher. This Print Consultation is a great service for soon-to-be authors who:
    • Plan to sell more than 150 books
    • Want to print their self-published book with the quality of a traditional printer
    • Want to print hardcover copies of their self-published books
    • Looking for better quality books than print-on-demand options
    • Looking for a book printer in Canada (for American authors, this is a great option as prices are in Canadian Dollars - so less expensive for you!)
    *This package also includes ISBN Creation and assigning a barcode to your ISBN ______ Price: $449.00 CAD + 5% (GST) + 3.9% (processing fee)