Added Services

I offer several added services that compliment the three plans. They can be ordered separately at anytime if required.

  • What this service entails:
    • Set up of your Amazon KDP account
    • Upload of files to your Amazon KDP account
    • 4-5 hours of research and strategy by our digital specialist and agent
    • Full control of your Amazon KDP account
    • Written instructions to understand your launch strategy
    _____ $1500 + 5% GST
  • This session entails:
    • A 75-minute customized session with TSPA's Author Brand Specialist
    • A written summary of key talking points to use for media approach, social media and publicity
    _____ $189.00 +5% GST
  • What this session entails:
    • Two 45-minute video-conference strategy sessions
    • Specific recommendations on the next steps for you and your title
    • Strategies on how to set up pre-orders for your book
    • Customized emails & call scripts drafted for you - that land you where you want to be
    • Timing recommendations on how and when to approach retailers, media, and bookstores
    _____ $499.00 + 5% (GST)
  • This service entails:
    • 1 registration for a Canadian ISBN number on your behalf
    • 1 barcode included (additional barcodes $15 CAD)
    • Attaching your ISBN to a bookseller-approved barcode
    _____ $249.00 + GST
  • Launch Plan

    The Launch Support plan is a great option for self-published authors who:
    • Are looking to build a readership and audience before their book has launched
    • Want to work with a team to help them market and sell their book
    • Need a book marketing plan that will get their book into retail stores and libraries
    • Want to know how to make money on Amazon and when selling their book to retailers
    • Want to market their self-published book after it has launched
    • Want to get their self-published books into bookstores
    This add on service is great for authors who are looking at our Bookstore & Media Approach Strategy and would like a little more time and support to work on building their audiences and readership. _____ $1499 + 5% GST
  • This service entails:
    • 1-2 hours with the author to determine print and marketing needs (ex. How many books do you need to order, launch deadlines, advanced reader copies etc.)
    • 2-4 hours sourcing out printers and negotiating prices that can match or beat Print On Demand prices and quality
    • Authors get access to TSPA's exclusive printing rates
    • Registration of ISBN numbers (Canada) and 1 barcode on the author's behalf
    _____ $1499.00 + GST
  • Poets will receive:
    • 1 cover, customized to suit their title
    • Up to 100 designed interior pages with a typography choice that suits their work
    • 1 Amazon print-ready cover file*
    • 1 Amazon print-read interior file
    *This does not include an ISBN or Barcode for your book!  Regular Price: $1,500 CAD
  • A test product _____ $1.33 +5% GST
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