“If it feels too ‘financy’ it’s not good.”

Inga Chira has her Ph.D. in Finance, is a Certified Financial Planner and last week, added “Author” to her list of accomplishments with her debut book, Mastering Money.

We’re not only impressed how she worked to deliver this book in just a few months but at how her wealth of knowledge is delivered (pun intended).

I’ve presented the information just like I do with my students. If it sounds too “financy,” it’s no good. This is not rocket science, and everyone should be able to understand what I am saying. Finance people are so used to their jargon they might not have any idea that the way they talk intimidates others. I hope not to do that, and I am sorry if I slip and use terms like “diversifying your portfolio” too often.



If you have a 20-something in your life who needs financial encouragement or have not yet mastered money yourself, this is one of the most simplified, practical finance books you can get.

Inga, well done. We never thought we’d want to read a finance book before bed, but you’ve done it!

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