A little, heartwarming story about TSPA’s client, Priscilla, who became an Amazon bestseller this week with her debut book, Warriors and Heroes of a Different Kind: Battling Kidney Failure

When Priscilla was referred to us, she has already poured two years of hard work into this book. She just needed a fresh cover and support with getting her books printed.

So, a shiny new cover and a specialized launch strategy, we were ready to launch. EXCEPT, the evening her book went live on Amazon, Priscilla had to have night-dialysis treatment and wasn’t reachable.

20 hours later, Priscilla arrived home to the news that overnight, her book, Warriors and Heros of a Different Kind, had landed the No. 1, No. 7 and Top 100 spots in her category!

It took a team to make it happen and we’re all thrilled for Priscilla’s success as her books continue to sell after her launch.