Love Like a Mama: Encouragement for each day of the year



Love Like A Mama is a book of encouragement for moms of any age and any history who need to know they are not alone. Think of it as your village-a team of moms to support you when you’re having a hard day, lift you when you’re down, and help you find humor in the darkest days.
It is a bedside book to curl up with and feel acknowledged in your role as a mother. When Lila Harrison King’s lifelong dream of becoming a mother came true, the thing she was most struck by in her early days of mothinering, was the utter loneliness that surrounded her. She felt desperately alone and thought there was no one who could truly understand her struggles as an instant mom to three children through adoption.
She would have done anything at that time to build a community of mothers around her-mothers who could show her the way, mothers to cry and laugh with, mothers who could tell her it was all going to be okay. While no two days are ever the same, motherhood-with all its challenges-has been the greatest blessing of Lila’s life.
Through her book, she reaches out to other mothers who may be feeling as alone and afraid as she was. With an encouraging thought for each day of the year, you’re sure to relate, laugh, tear up, and feel loved for the difference you make as a mama.


Lila Harrison King lives with her husband and three children in the desert of west Texas where they dodge tumbleweeds, pray for rain and watch the most amazing sunsets. Lila considers herself to be the luckiest girl in the world! She understands that down in the trenches of motherhood can sometimes be a lonely place and strives to be a source of good for other women seeking inspiration, perspective, or laughter in regards to their mothering. It is Lila’s hope that through her words, you are able to feel enveloped in a warm hug from all the mothers who have been there before.


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