The Common Wife



For anyone who has felt, even for a moment, the ‘missingness’ of an unlived life and wondered what to do about it.

When Lindy’s husband discovers that she has been living a secret life as a burlesque dancer, the glitter hits the fan. Perimenopause (whatever that is) does not help matters, and Lindy finds herself in increasingly compromising situations: there is Thor, the stuntman from Texas, Satya with the dreadlocks and camper-van, beautiful Adam, and the Crazy.

In the midst of a hot flush, Lindy remembers her destiny (bestowed on her by Father Ignatius at Catholic school when she was fifteen years old) to save the world. So, on her fifty-first birthday, she tells her husband that she can no longer be married. She needs to find her Big Life, the one that doesn’t include a picket-fence house in the suburbs with a minivan in the driveway. Since her husband is, above all, a practical man, he suggests that she go for a walk to think about things before making any final decisions.

Forgetting that she doesn’t like walking, Lindy heads to Northern Spain with her purple backpack, Petunia. With blistered toes and a swollen ankle, she stomps along the sacred soil of the Camino de Santiago in search of God (if he exists), forgiveness (if that is possible), and herself (whomever the hell that is). With no guidebook and no sense of direction, she gets lost. Very lost. In that lostness, she is forced to stare the serpent in the eye, have it out with Jesus, and face her naked truth.

A cross between Bridget Jones’s Diary and Eat, Pray, Love, this is the audaciously honest, irreverent memoir of one woman’s pilgrimage to the Ends of the Earth.


Growing up in South Africa, Lindy Hughes dreamed of becoming a writer. She graduated from university with an honours degree in English literature, which she parlayed into a teaching job. Several years later, she decided to pursue a degree in psychology, to help her better understand the people around her. When her delayed writing aspirations exploded in a full-fledged midlife crisis, her husband sent her (and her laptop) on vacation to Las Vegas, where she finally began her first novel, It Never Stays in Vegas. She lives today with her husband and their children in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she continues to enjoy the happy challenge of trying to figure out her life and the people in it.


ISBN: 978-0981350813
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On Sale: 11/23/2019
Pages: 232
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