The Accomplishment Journal: Job Interviews, Performance Reviews, and an Actionable Tool Kit for Shining Brighter



Job interviews can be frustrating. Preparing for them is difficult, and it totally sucks when you get caught off guard by a question, struggling for something flattering to say on the spot. It’s like we’re living in one big, never-ending memory game, but with higher stakes than just letting your five-year-old nephew think that he won, yet again. It’s time to give our brains a break. It’s time for a solution.

The Accomplishment Journal provides a home for your most valuable work experiences to live until it’s time to leverage them in interviews, performance reviews, or job applications. Each journal question has been meticulously designed to draw out key situations relevant to common interview topics, helping you to identify “value-added” achievements as they happen. In other words, what you write in this journal will become your ultimate secret weapon in preparing for these life-changing situations. Heck yes!

This book will teach you about “behavioral interview questions,” revealing why so many industries rely on them, while showing you how to structure your answers more effectively. It will also provide greater perspective on how to approach performance reviews or promotion requests, helping you to demonstrate the undeniable value that you bring to the table. As an added bonus, this journaling habit creates the opportunity to grow and evolve over time, helping you to learn from difficult work situations, turn your weaknesses into strengths, and ultimately take charge of your career trajectory.


Prior to writing this book, Sydney worked in Human Resources, at which time she conducted hundreds of job interviews and performance reviews in the tech sector. It was then that she faced a glaring realization: Many people, especially early-career professionals, are seriously selling themselves short in these life-changing conversations.

Utilizing her experience in both conducting (and attending!) job interviews and performance reviews, Sydney decided to translate her observations, knowledge, and insights into an actionable tool kit to help ambitious professionals reach their career goals faster.


ISBN-10: 1999271904
ISBN-13: 978-1999271909
Imprint: Sydney Baker
On Sale: 12/12/2019
Pages: 172
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